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Download and fill out the full application. The application link can be found below.  Once you fill it out please email us at hello@bsibrokers.ca and make  sure to enter the address in the subject line of the email.

Understanding the rental application process

Depending on what real estate agent is managing the property you’ve applied for, it could be as little as 24 hours before your rental application is approved from when you submit it. If this occurs, the agent will contact you and start the lease agreement process.

But typically, most applications will take between 48 – 72 hours for a decision. In some instances, however, it may take longer.

Why does application approval take so long?

It might seem like a long time, but there are multiple checks taking place, which mean your application can take 48 – 72 hours to process and be approved. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking relevant tenancy default databases so they’re aware of any past discrepancies in rental payments or past property damage.
  • Double-checking that you fully completed your application, including all the attachments required for the property.
  • Assessing whether you can afford the property (based on your annual income and the asking rent).
  • Verifying previous living arrangements (even if you were living with family).
  • Verifying your employment status (if you’re employed).
  • Verifying your proof of income status (if you’re employed).
  • Checking your references.

If your application takes longer than 48 hours, it could be because the agent is having trouble contacting all your references.

Once these checks have taken place, an agent will submit all relevant, shortlisted applications to an owner with their suggestions on the best tenant for the property. The final decision of who is successful and not successful is always the landlord’s decision.

The key here is to be patient!

How are rental applications accepted?

When your application has been accepted, it’s common to receive a note from us that says something along the lines of “Congratulations Kate, the lessor/landlord has accepted your application on the following terms. Our agency policy now requires…”

With this procedure, the agent wants to ensure you have received the relevant tenancy documents and lease agreement and will ask for a rental deposit as soon as possible. You will probably be invited to a sign-up meeting so you can be taken through the lease signing process.

Approach the application process with a good attitude.

Searching, enquiring and applying for properties can be a stressful experience for many renters. As you move through the process, the best thing you can do is to stay calm and make sure you’re polite. Approaching the rental experience with a good attitude can make all the difference and have a direct impact on the success of your rental application.

Check your credit report before you consider moving.

Your credit report and credit score may affect your options when you decide to move out on your own. Some landlords may run a credit check on you to be sure you'll pay the rent on time.

If you don’t have a credit history yet, or have had credit trouble in the past, a landlord may ask you for a guarantor. A guarantor is usually a parent or guardian with a good credit history. The guarantor agrees to pay for you if you're unable to pay your rent.

Some landlords will ask you for your social insurance number to run a credit check. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this, you don’t have to provide it. The landlord can still get your credit history using other forms of identification. Take the time to understand your credit report and credit score, including how your credit report works and why your credit history matters.

Moving out?

Before moving out, you must give written notice to your landlord that you’ll be leaving. You must give two months’ notice from your next rental payment period.


If you pay rent on the first of each month and it's March 15th, your two month notice would start April 1st.

If you have a lease, the law may not let you end the lease early. If you need to end it early, you must arrange this with the landlord.